Friday, December 9, 2016

blue shoes


♪ max and ruby ♪ ♪ ruby and max ♪ ♪ ruby and herlittle brother, max ♪ ♪ max and ruby! ♪ where is it? i can't writea report for my bunny scout'sgood neighbour badge without my notebook. ah, here it is!

i'm going toask bunnies what they think makesa good neighbour. then, i'll pick one and tell bunny scout leaderall about him, or her. so all i needis my pencil. (gadget beeping) (banging on door) oh! thanks, max.

oh, i mean,fire chief max. fire truck! woman:yoo-hoo! that's grandma! she's going totake pictures for me. say cheese! i'm ready,grandma! i've got my penciland my notebook. and i havemy camera.

and max has hisfire truck. oh, max. do you really needyour fire truck? it might getin the way. i think it'llbe fine, ruby. besides,i'll feel safer with fire chief maxalong for the ride. (water gushing) mr. huffington, may iask you some questions

for a bunny scoutreport? of course, ruby,fire away. what do you thinkmakes a good neighbour? hmm, that's agood question. max:fire truck! (toy's sirens wailing) that wasn't the answeri was going to give, max. max, why don't youplay over there while i ask mr. huffingtonmy questions.

i'd say agood neighbour is someone who watches overtheir friends. ruby:if i had to pick1 good neighbour, who do you thinkit should be, and why? (gasping) phew,that's a relief. (baby giggling) oh, my!that was close! thank you,fire chief max.

yes, max. if it weren't for youand your fire truck, mrs. huffington andbaby huffington would have beensoaked! that deservesa picture. smile! oh, there's our bus. good bye! thank you!

bye! oh, no! mr. huffington never had achance to answer my questions. now how will iget my badge? there's mr. piazza'sstore! i'll ask himmy questions. good thinking,ruby. mr. piazza,do you mind if i ask you a few questionsfor my report?

sure. what wouldyou like to know? well,first i need to know what you think makesa good neighbour. mr. piazza doesn'thave time for fire trucks. but i could use a handspraying water on my vegetables. now, let's see.what makes a good neighbour? well, i think it's someonewho is always helping others. oh, yes,yes. and if i had to pick 1 goodneighbour to do my report on,

hmm. every bunny hereis a good neighbour in their ownspecial way. it's hard to pickjust 1. hold that pose! lucky thingyou were here! it sure was. oh, come on, kids, we'd betterlet mr. piazza do his work. okay, grandma. bye, mr. piazza.

(sighing and chuckling) (toy siren wailing) ohh!mr. piazza was so busy, he didn't tell me which goodneighbour he would have picked. oh, don't worry, ruby,you'll have other chances. there's katie. i'll ask hermy questions. we're right behind you,ruby. hi, katie.

hello, ruby.what can i get you? i'm writing a report formy good neighbour badge. is it okay ifi ask you some questions? sure. as long as i can finish theseice cream sundaes while we talk. great! okay, katie, what do you thinkmakes a good neighbour? gee, i'd say agood neighbour is someone who comes through for youin an emergency.

oh, that's agood answer! thank you. now i'll be right back afteri deliver these sundaes. oh, my goodness! i would have tripped overthat for sure! oh, my backpack! i'm so sorry,katie! nothing to worry about withfire chief max on the scene. 2 sundaes for you,and 3 cheers for my hero,

fire chief max! ruby and grandma:hurray, for fire chief max! (store bell jingling) more customers! i'm afraid i can'ttalk anymore, ruby. that's okay. thanks anyway. i still don't haveany bunny to talk about for my good neighbourreport.

you never know, the bunnythat you're looking for may be closerthan you think. i sure hope so. i just need 1 bunnywho is always helping to finish mygood neighbour report. hmm, maybemr. piazza's interview. oh, thank you, max! you're my hero! grandma!

i know a really goodneighbour! this report is all aboutthe best neighbour i know: my brother, max. a good neighbour is someonewho watches over his friends, and is alwayshelping others, and comes througheven in emergencies. and my brother,max, did all those things andhelped everyone with his-- (toy sirens wailing)

hi, candi. hiya, ruby.hello, max. (giggling) we're here for thecandy counting contest. great, here's howit works: the first personto tell me how many gummy wormsare in this jar wins a prize! what's the prize?

well, the gummy worms,of course! well, i'm all readyto count them. i've got my penciland notebook. count them? well, you couldjust guess, ruby. i don't want toleave it to chance. the best way to winis to count the gummy worms. count! there are too many,max,

you don't know howto count that high. i think you should leavethe counting to me. well, good luck. i'll be rightover here if you need me. look, max, i'm going tomake a mark in my notebook for each gummy worm. 1, 2, 3, 4. when i count the 5th one,i make a line, like this, so i know that's 5. see?

okay, max, i'm counting,i'm counting! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. max:count? i know you want tohelp me count, but i need to do thison my own. why don't you try countingyour flipping chicks? they're inyour backpack. (toy chicks chirping) that's 3 sets of 5,

and that's15 gummy worms. count? huh? that's right, max,5. max! you made melose count! you want us to win the jarof gummy worms, right? then you need to let mecount by myself. you know, max,i could really use your help

with these red hotmarshmallow squirters. yup, i need helpcounting. thanks, candi. okay, max, i know i can fitmore boxes on this shelf, but i don't knowhow many. want to help mewith that? why don't you hand me the boxes,and we'll see how many we need. that's 1 box of red hotmarshmallow squirters. and that's 2.

and 3. 4. 5. i think that's all the boxeswe can fit on this shelf. oh, my! there are 2 more boxes of redhot marshmallow squirters left! what are we goingto do with them? whispering:count. good idea, max!

there's 2 boxes of candy:1 for me, and 1 for you. candy is always betterwhen you share it with someone. don't you think,max? and 5 more makes 35. eww! my dress! how did you get those red hotmarshmallow squirters, max? count. well, max was such a big help, igave him the candy as a reward.

and i guess he wantedto share it with you. thanks. but i'm still tryingto count gummy worms and i lostmy place again. do you think there's somethingelse max could help you with? well, i'm sure i canfind something. maybe there's a better way to count. hmm, it looks like there are 10 gummy worms in a row.

if i just count rows, it'll be faster. 1 row is 10, 2 rows, that's 20, and 3 row is 30. well, max, here's what i need you to do. see these slime dribblers? i need you to take them out of the box and make a nice display.

it's a big job, max. do you think i can count on you? that a boy, max! i'm going to get some more boxes from the storeroom. i'll be back in a minute to see how you're doing. 8 rows of 10. that means there's 80 gummy

worms so far. how's it going, max? ooh! (crashing sounds) ohh! what did you do? it's okay, ruby. max was helping me make a display.

i think you've helped candi enough. why don't you come over here by me? no, max. i told you, i need to do the counting by myself. but i know what you can do. why don't you play with these

stickers? now, i have to start over again. 1 row of gummy worms makes 10. (banging noises) 2 rows makes 20. (clearing throat) 3 rows of gummy worms makes 30. shouting: and 4 rows makes 40! whoa!

max, what are you doing? oh, i need to count alone if i'm going to win the gummy worms. i must have told you that 111 times! did you say 111? y-- yes. you're right!

there are exactly 111 gummy worms in that jar! well done, ruby! we won the gummy worms! and all because you helped me-- oh, look, there's louise. hi, louise! oh, hi, ruby! is this line up just to get

in the store? no, it's the line to see super bunny. morris just has to see him. zoom-zoom! super bunny! if you're just shopping, you can go right in that door. if we wait in this big, long

line, we'll be late for the quick pick shoe sale, grandma. well, why don't we get ruby's new shoes first and then come back to see super bunny, when the line up is a bit shorter. does that sound okay to you, max? don't worry, max, you'll get

to see super bunny. after i find some new shoes. there's nothing like a shoe sale to put a spring in your step! you're so right, grandma! (store musak playing) say, "super bunny"! (camera flashing)

hold on, max. we've got to pick out my new shoes first. it's a quick pick sale and they're going fast. we won't be long, max. say, "supper bunny"! (sighing) come on, you can help me pick

out the perfect pair of shoes. oh, look! grandma would just love these! what do you think? maybe you're right. a little too... curly. ruby! come and see what i've found for you!

coming, grandma! let's go, max! ha, ha, gotcha! now, max, you know you can't go running around the store by yourself. you have to stay with me and grandma. super bunny?

i know you want to see super bunny, and you will. just as soon as i pick out my new shoes. these soccer shoes are half price. i can see you scoring a few goals in these! um, thanks, grandma.

but i was hoping to get something a little less... sporty. oh, got ya! i'll keep looking. thanks you, grandma. hmm, no, too casual. now, let's see. nice, but not really me.

too shiny. too dull! i see you, max! okay, super bunny, come around here and help me find some shoes. are you coming? here you go, morris. be sure to show max!

too pointy. oh, too flat. oh, very elegant! what do you think, max? oh, little brothers. how do you like these? i better give them a test run. do you like these on me, grandma?

i was just about to ask you the same question. oh, let me see! they look great on you. but i think i need something a little less tippy. well, you better make up your mind soon, they're going fast! time to get serious about my

well, it's time for super bunny to get back to work, rescuing bunnies in need. thanks for coming out, everyone! bunny, max. i'm only going to be a few more minutes. super bunny...! (wind blowing)

phew! oh, they're perfect! they're definitely you, ruby! oh, i just new i'd find the perfect pair! (grandma clearing throat) with a little help from-- ♪

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