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hey it’s vanessa from crafty gemini creates.and we have an awesome tutorial here for you today. i’m going to teach you how to makethis really cute faux leather fringe purse. i like to wear it crossbody with a skinnystrap like this. but i’ve also designed it so that you remove the little lobster claspshere from the d-ring and just use it as a little clutch. i like to store the strap insidethe bag, and that way i don’t lose it. and let me show you the rest of the bag. it’sfully lined. i love to use a bright coordinating or even contrasting fabric that really pops. you can also use a zipper that matches your outer fabric or change it up like i did onthis really fun red one here. but it’s a real simple little pouch. you can fit a tonof stuff in here. we have our zipper, some

zipper ends and the fun fringe. so let’sgo over the materials we’re going to need to create this little fringe purse. so here we have our fabric. we are using fauxleather. and i’m going to make a bag for you today in black. but we also have it inbrown. and you can see how fun that is. it also has the two little d-rings on the backand of course, the fun pop of color, the strap and all of that good stuff. so we’re goingto use black today. and the measurements that you’re going to need for your outer pieceshere are two rectangles that measure 10 ⽠inches by 9 ⽠inches. that’s going to befor the outside. then i have two more pieces of the same faux leather color that measure10 ⽠inches by just seven this way. and these

are going to be for our two panels of fringe.so these are doubled up. if you see here, let me gather it. so this is one and thisis the second one down here. i think it adds more texture and dimension to it to have themoverlap. and with all the fringe there you can’t really tell how it all comes together.so i kind of like the look of that. so we have the two panels for our fringe as well.then you’re going to need two pieces for your lining fabric. and i’m just using regular100% quilting cottons here. this really pretty field study fabric that i love. i think willgo great with that. and then we need a strip. if you’re going to make it as a clutch thenyou won’t need this. but if you want to add that other little bit to of the skinnystrap that clips onto to wear a crossbody,

then you’re going to need a strip of thesame faux leather, your outer fabric, that measures 1 ⽠inches wide by the width ofthe fabric. and as you can see, this faux leather comes a lot wider than your regularcotton. i think this one came about 54” to 58 inches or so, which is going to be longenough for you to trim down depending on the length of the crossbody strap that you want.if you want it just to be over the shoulder, then you can make it to that size as well.so you can customize it to what you need. then you’re going to need an additionalstrip here. and this measures two inches by about 10 ⽠. this doesn’t have to be perfect.we’re just going to make this so that we can turn it into the little strips that weneed to attach the d-rings on the back. so

this will definitely be cut down. and thenwe’re going to need two additional little rectangles. these, the same outer fabric again.and they measure 1 ⾠inches by two inches. these are going to be for our zipper ends.if you see here i’ve finished off this zipper with a nice professional looking finish. wehave a little bit of the faux leather that finishes right here on the ends. and i thinkthat’s going to go great. it really gives it a nicer finished look. and it lays everythingflat so you don’t get really bulky ends. if you’ve made zipper pouches before youmay have seen that you try to turn it out and the zipper is like way bulky on the corners.so i’m going to show you how you can end up with a really nice finish on your zipperend. ok. so i think we’re ready to start.

that looks like all we have to do. so let’sstart prepping our fabrics here. we’re going to grab our two outer piecesfirst, well actually let’s cut up the fringe. so i’ll show you how i do that. there’sa lot of different ways. you can cut these up with a pair of scissors if you want togo that route. i like to just have a steady hand and use my rotary cutter. now i’m justgoing to start. you want to lay it horizontally in front of you this way. and we’re goingto be cutting our strips this way. you can make them as thick or as thin as you’d like.i like that it has more movement when we cut them a little bit thinner. so that’s upto you to decide. and you don’t want to cut all the way up obviously because you’regoing to chop a strip right off of it. so

i like to leave about an inch or so from thetop. if you want an easy way to do it is to grab some type of a marker, like if you havea chalk marker. and just measure yourself an inch line across the top here. i have blackfabric. but i would grab some type of a marker that would show up on the fabric you’reusing and make that line. that way you know that when you’re using your rotary cutteryou don’t want to go past that point. so this is how we’re going to start. i justkeep a steady hand and cut my strips. i think the ideal width here to use is about ⅛ ofan inch to a quarter of an inch. you don’t want to do it too thin because it is syntheticfabric and if you, i mean if you pull on it a little bit, it, chances are it’s goingto break off. so you do want to make sure

that the strips have some kind of body tothem. and that’s it. you’re going to continue to do that to both of those panel pieces.remember they measure seven inches by 10 ⽠. after you do it to both of those, you’llend up with two little fringe things that look like this. so we’ll be attaching theseto the front in a little bit. but let’s start prepping our bag to attach the zipperand the lining. so i have one of my outer pieces here. andi have it laid out so the 10 ⽠inch dimension is going horizontally in front of me. so therectangle is laying this way. and we’re going to grab our zipper. notice that my zipperis bigger than my piece of fabric. as long as your zipper is larger you’re going tobe fine. we’re actually going to be trimming

this one down. so let’s do that now. weneed to trim this down to 9 ⽠inches from end to end, ok? and this is where we’regoing to attach the zipper ends and it’s going to help us when we go to finish makingthe project. it will look a lot neater. so let me grab my ruler here. and i just want,you want to make sure that the zipper tab is somewhere in the middle so you don’tchop it off, it comes off your zipper tape. and i just want to measure 9 ⽠inches. soi’m just going to cut anywhere here first. i got rid of those ends. and then i want tocome down 9 ⽠inches so let me see. i’ll set this end at 9 ⽠. right there is good,so i’ll cut it right here. alright so our zipper has been cut to size. at this pointyou definitely don’t want to try to open

or close it fully because we have no stopson the end. we just cut them off. so leave that zipper pull right in the middle. nowwe’re going to create the tab end for it so we protect our ends and we don’t zipit right off of there. so for that, go ahead and grab the two littlerectangles you have that measure 1 ⾠inches by two inches. and since this faux leatheris great to work with, it doesn’t even fray. there’s no folding or pressing involved.and it’s synthetic anyway so you definitely don’t want to hit this fabric with an iron.what we’re going to do is just fold it in half. and if you want to you can fold it inhalf and mark it. pinch it with your finger a little bit, give yourself a little creaseand you can kind of go back and then mark

yourself that center crease line, ok witha chalk marker or whatever you want to use. then we’re going to line this up. and thisis where the tricky part is. this is what’s going to help you get a nice flat zipper withoutthat bulk on the corners. so here it is. when we go to lay the zipper in, instead of bringingit all the way up to the fold and fold getting caught in there, if we do that we’re goingto end up with super, a lot of extra bulk that we don’t need. you have the fabricand you have the zipper tape. so here’s what you need to do. just bring it down sothat the zipper tape is only about half of an inch in and you should still have abouthalf of an inch before getting to that center crease line. and then we’re going to foldit. so where our seam allowance is going to

be we only have the outer fabric that we’reworking with. so that’s going to reduce bulk and allow those corners to pop out alittle bit easier. so go ahead and take your wonder clips and clip this into place becauseyou’re going to topstitch real close to this top edge right there. oops, i alreadytook the top off. that’s where you’re going to stitch, like super close to thattop edge. and you’re going to do that to the other end as well. and now i’m going to measure this out. theidea is that you end up with a zipper tabs on either end, we end up with this that measuresabout 10 ⽠inches because that’s what we’re going to be working with, with our fabricpieces, ok? so now we can trim it off at the

sides. so just make it flush with the zippertape. so it’s nice and neat. and now of course you can open and close the zipper withno problems, ok? alright, so now let’s start attaching our fabric and our lining pieces.we’re going to do them at the same time to either side of our zipper tape here. so i’m going to take one of my fabric piecesand lay it now so that the rectangle is oriented vertically because the purse is going to belike this, right? and so it’s going that way so to sew it we’re going to put it thisway. and let me grab one of my pieces of fabric as well. so here’s how we’re going tolayer it. i set up the zipper so that the teeth are facing up at me and the zipper tabis all the way at the bottom, ok? now i’m

going to take my outer piece of fabric andlay it with the pretty side of the fabric face down on this right outer edge, righthere. and on this fabric i would use the wonder clips. sometimes if you’re using quiltingcottons i would tell you to use the fabric glue but it will show up on the fabric ifit’s not really concealed on the faux leather so i wouldn’t recommend it right here. justgrab your clips. we’re going to layer all three, the outer, the zipper tape and ourlining. so i have this top one done in place and i’m just going to put a couple of clipshere so that i have all these raw edges matching up. and now let’s add our lining to thebottom side of this. so you want the pretty side of the fabric to the pretty side of yourlining oriented in the same direction. and

lay it so that the right edge now is matchingup with the zipper tape is matching up with your outer fabric. all three of these together.take off my clip and just re-pinch it in the same spot to grab that last piece of fabricof our lining fabric. and then head to the sewing machine and with your zipper foot installedgo ahead and stitch on the right side right here. and before i get to the end, i’m goingto stop with the needle down, lift up my presser foot and i’m going to open that zipper upso that the big zipper pull does not get in my way. so it’s somewhere up here now pastmy presser foot. realign my three raw edges here and stitch off the end. alright. normallywe’d press this but remember you don’t want to do that with the faux leather. soour zipper is inside. once i flip this out,

here’s what we end up with. the pretty sideof the fabric you should be looking at with the zipper teeth and then also the prettyside of your lining fabric, ok. so you’re just going to finger press that to get itto lay flat. let’s add on the other side now. repeating the process. alright so this is what it should look like.the lining side should be both pretty sides of the lining. and the other side, the outerpart, should be both the pretty sides of the outer. ok. now to get this to lay flat, becauseyou see it’s kind of wanting to roll up on us, we need to topstitch this into place.so since you can’t pin, i mean since you

can’t press, go ahead and just smooth itout with your hands as flat as you can get it. and we’re going to topstitch right hereso that this fabric doesn’t roll up, because sometimes if you try to open the zipper andthat fabric is loose in there, it can get caught in the zipper teeth and then you’llget it stuck. so let’s topstitch it flat right along here. alright so you can see itlays a lot flatter and smoother, ok? now let’s move on to the next step which is to attachour fringe before we start stitching the whole thing actually together. so decide which side you want to be your front,ok? and by doing that you can kind of set it on your side like this and look and see,do i want to open the zipper from right to

left? do i want to open it from right to left?and kind of decide that way which side of this you want the fringe to be on. so i’mjust going to pick a side here. flip the lining side back and away because we don’t wantto get that caught. and grab your two little panels of your fringe. and this right here,you can make it as far down as you want or as high as you want to. it’s not reallygoing to make a difference. i just like the layered look of it. so you can play, justkind of place them in position and look at it and say, ok i don’t want too much fringehanging off the end. you definitely don’t want the fringe way too close up here either.but just eyeball it. measure, whatever you want to do. so let’s say 1 ⽠inch downfrom the zipper tape here. i think that will

look good. other side. so we’ll do one thereand we’ll bring one. so that’s kind of too low. see if i put it at 3 ⽠i feel likei have too much fringe hanging out at the bottom and i don’t want it like that. soi’m going to bring it up further. so we’ll say five inches. that’s better. and so that’spart of the fun of making your own stuff, right? you can change it up any way you wantto. so i’m going to line these two up here. and for this i will go put a little bit ofglue just on the underside. make sure that you don’t put the glue on anywhere whereyou might see it. just a little strip right here. to help me keep that steady in placewhile i topstitch it down. and i like to do these one at a time because these little fringethings can really get in your way sometimes.

and i don’t want to get them caught or sewthem down. so i’ll stitch this one down first. alright so it’s starting to cometogether. this is what it’s going to look like. the back. the front, that fringe looksgood right? and then we have our lining pieces already attached. so let’s start by movingonto the next step, ok? at this point, on the back side, right? theside that doesn’t have any fringe, you can go ahead and attach your little clips foryour closure if you’re wanting to have that long skinny crossbody strip. so let’s workon that next. i have my two lobster clasps here. and these measure half an inch and thenhalf inch d-rings. so if we look at one that’s already been completed, we need to add littletabs and just the d-rings to the back of the

purse. and so it’s up to you. you know youcan decide how far in you want to do it. alright so we’re going to come in here and markso that we can attach our little strips here with the d-rings. i’m coming in two inchesfrom the side. so i just make a little mark there. and about an inch or so down from theedge here of my zipper tape. i’ll just do a little crosshair there. and the same thingfrom this side. so two inches in and one inch down. so that’s where we’re going to attachthese. so now let’s make the little strips and attach them to the d-rings so we can getthat in place. so here are my two d-rings and here is thatstrip that we had that measured about two inches or 1 â½. let me see what i did. ya,two inches by just whatever width you want.

we’re going to cut it down. so for this,again our fabric doesn’t fray so i’m just going to fold it in thirds. so just fold itin about half of an inch. and then fold it over another half of an inch. so the finishedsize should be about half of an inch. so we’re using half an inch d-rings and they shouldfit in there nicely. so let me bring it in. remember we can’t press this fabric. sojust work it with your hands to get it in there. and it’s not that big of a pieceif you want to work with a smaller piece that will work as well. just going to head overto the sewing machine and we’re going to stitch it right along here. so here it is. we’re going to cut off chunks that measureabout four inches. there’s one and there’s

two. and we’re going to feed these intoour d-rings. and i kind of like a tight fit. if you don’t like a tight fit then go aheadand cut them a little bit narrower your strips to start off with. ok? so i like it like thatto be totally filled up, filled in. and then we’re going to attach these here into place.i like to attach them when they’re still longer. it’s easier to work with at themachine. and then i’ll trim away the excess. because the fabric doesn’t fray, you won’teven see it. it’s not going to be a big deal. so these are going to go right here.let me put a little clip. and so you basically want to either center the top part. it’snot going to really matter too much where they are exactly since we have our pointsalready. i just don’t want the d-ring to

be too high up so that if i’m using it asa clutch, you actually see the rings. you can’t see them from that side. so that’show i want it to look. so i’m just going to put it right, centering my strip, rightin the center of my little cross here. and if you have pins you can pin them but, actuallylet me put a pin in. just to help. or you can just do them one at a time too. now whati want you to make sure of is that you’re not catching this lining fabric on the backside.you just want to stitch this to the outside part because we’ve still got to flip thewhole thing right side out and we need our lining. so i’m just going to lay it there.i’m just going to do them one at a time. but you’re going to repeat the process.take all your supplies over to the sewing

machine and stitch them right into place. so no lining on the back. make sure you’reonly doing this through the outer fabric. and you’re going to stitch basically a square.you can do a square with an x in it. you just want to reinforce the strip into place. pivot,make a little box around, through all the layers. stitch slowly because it is quitebulky. i did a box and then i can go ahead and just do a diagonal, why not? backstitchand that one is in place. i’ll repeat the same thing to the next one. so now we havethese really chunky ends. let’s grab a good strong pair of scissors here and trim it offclose to that seam line. just don’t snip your fabric. ok, so those two are done.

alright let’s put together the bag and thenall we have to do is make the crossbody strap. so here we go. we’re going to lay thesetwo together, the two outer pieces, pretty sides touching. and here’s what i like todo first of all. on the sides here, some of these little fringe ends are going to be hangingoff. we’re going to be using about a half of an inch seam allowance so i will go inand trim off whatever little fringes are sticking out at the half inch, like within the seamallowance, i’ll trim them down. and do that on both sides. so they don’t get in yourway. and i’ll show you what i do to keep all of this mess from getting in my way aswell. so trim it down and trim away whatever little ones may be getting in your way, ok?on both ends. and here i’ll do these two.

just to give yourself some clearance on eitherside. now i’ll get two wonder clips. usually it works with two for me. and i’ll justkind of jumble this around, like some fresh pasta. make it into little bundles and clipthem. just two usually will do it. now we’re going to lay these two together pretty sidestouching this way. and take your clips, match up those raw edges and clip all the way around.and i’m going to leave an opening here, on the side, of about five or six inches orso. mark it to remind yourself where to start and stop. so i’m going to start or stopon one of these ends. i probably will start here. and i’m going to backstitch, comedown, all the way down. pivot on my corners. come all the way back up. pivot on the cornerand come around and stop here and backstitch

when i get there. so let’s head over tothe sewing machine. ok, so this is what we end up with. let’sclip some corners here to reduce some bulk. and i’m just taking my scissors and trimmingat an angle close to that peak. just don’t cut into your stitching line. so now let’sgo to our opening in the lining. and if you remember to leave your zipper open you shouldn’thave a problem reaching in here. if you left it closed, you’re going to have to workwith it a little bit to get it to open first because it’s inside out when we reach inhere to grab it. but it’s not a big deal. either way flip it all out, the entire bagout through the opening in your lining. take off the wonder clips that are still holdingour fringe into place. shake it out. and i

like to fix everything on the outer fabricfirst like poking out all the corners and stuff before i stitch up that lining openingshut because i can still get my hand all the way in here. if i stitch up the lining firsti’m not going to be able to get in here. you don’t have access to it. so if you havesomething like this happen, i caught the fringe in the seam allowance, no big deal. rememberthe edges don’t fray. so just get really close to that fabric and trim it. and youcan’t see here and you won’t be able to tell there. so it’s a great fabric to workwith. get my hand back in here, poke out all my sides. and you really want to poke outthose corners here where our zipper tabs are, the zipper ends that we added so you can geta nice clean looking zipper. cornered here

on the end. ok. great. so now let’s closeup our lining opening. i’m just going to fold these ends in. and i’m not going tobother to do it by hand. i’m just going to take it straight to the machine and stitchit. you won’t even be able to see it. it’s inside the bag. alright, open my zipper allthe way, stuff that lining in there, poke out my zipper ends. give them a good roll.when you’re working with bulkier fabrics you’ve got to manipulate it a little bitmore especially since we can’t press it. but there it is. here’s the lining. oh ireally love that pop of color in there. that looks great. so there it is closed. you canuse it just like this as a clutch. or if we’re going to make that little crossbody strap,let’s do it now.

we’ll clean up some of this. we have ourstrip here that was the width of the fabric by, what was it, 1 â½ inches wide. so we aregoing to, yep, 1 â½. and so we’re going to fold it in thirds, just like we did beforeto make the little tabs for the bag here. you’re just going to fold it once over andonce over again and topstitch it into place. i don’t need to press it. i don’t needto clip it or anything. i can do this a little chunk at a time, right at the sewing machine.if you don’t feel comfortable doing it this way, you can totally put your wonder clipsand do it that way as well. but i just kind of hold it, do another piece and just keepworking my way down. ok, we have a super long strip here. it’s up to you to decide. youknow put it over yourself, kind of see where

want the crossbody bag to hit. on your hip,on your waist, further down. and so that’s going to be up to you to decide where youwant to cut it. you want to go ahead and give yourself a little bit extra because here’sthe part where you need to do to attach this to the little lobster clasps. so i’m actuallygoing to trim this down. i think about 48 inches, 50 inches may work good for me. soi’m cutting it at 25, would be the finished length. so i’m going to cut it at about26 â½. that’s doubled up, ok? so that’s giving me a little bit extra here. i’m goingto slip it through the half inch lobster clasp. and then you just put it through and bringit here. and you’re just going to topstitch this into place. you don’t want to do ittoo short because you don’t want to be able

to get the presser foot in there without runningthe risk of hitting the metal. so definitely bring it over about an inch or so and thentopstitch it here into place. and do the same thing on the other end. and i just backstitcha couple of times to secure it. ok. let’s trim away the excess. and now all you haveto do if you’re going to wear it crossbody is to click it, clip the little clasp rightonto the d-rings that are already attached to the bag. and there you have it. a fullycompleted, diy faux leather fringe purse. these are super hot right now. i hope thatyou enjoyed making this project and that you’ll give it a try. if you enjoyed this video tutorial,remember to hit it with that thumbs up below. share it across the different social mediasites and don’t forget to click the subscribe

button so you won’t miss out on any of myfuture videos. thanks again for watching and i’ll see you next time.

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